New KIT R60





A fine design characterizes the new flush handle that, thanks to the research with the aim to reduce as much as possible all that is needless, results a modern minimalist design and perfect for contemporary and interior trend. Aesthetics and design are harmoniously together with handy and simple use.

Square Line

Modern design, fine details, strong character: the square line of Reguitti is a collection of handles in contemporary style. Ideal for those who like a minimal furnishing ,never forgetting the importance of ease oh handling , the beauty of inserts and graphic elements carefully studied. Photo, the Q-ARTE.

The Catalogue

The new catalog 2015 Reguitti is a full volume dedicated to professionals that brings together all handles, accessories, complements, different variants and technical specifications of our production.
Insiders ,who wish to view it, can contact us here or call the company!

Flat Line

FLAT LINE is our new line of roses and escutcheons, round and square, “flush” to the door.
Ideal for the latest generation of frame, for those who love the simplicity of the forms and the minimal design. Photo, the Q-STAR.


ANTIGERM is a special coating of Silver Ions that eliminates in few minutes and permanently more than 650 dangerous bacteria including Legionella, MRSA, Escherichia Coli and Salmonella.
An added protection for handles and accessories available on REGUITTI’s brand products.

Vintage Selection

Collection of handles and accessories designed to match the antiqued finishes to different styles of furniture, a special selection of handles with ANTIGERM series treatment


REGUITTI is an Italian company in Agnosine, in the province of Brescia, which produces from 1975 handles and quality fittings for frame.

Models of handles




A collection of endless proposals in order to meet with shapes, lines and quality finishes, the latest furnishing trends. Functional solutions and eternal design, are the result of Made in Italy research and innovation.


Pure and brilliant Swarovski crystals that decorate linear handles, giving a fashion touch
to complement and entire environment.


Classic is expression of a timeless design, suspended among modernity and retro taste. Graceful lines, refi ned shapes and details make this line perfect for people who love elegantly aristocratic style.

Vintage Line

A rich and complete range that represents the most different styles, from classical to country, from traditional to shabby chic,
in order to offer various solutions to the contemporary furnishings with Vintage inspiration.



Antigerm is the special coating with Silver Ions that eliminates in few minutes and permanently more than 650 bacteria, available on all Reguitti products

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