Natural Brass

A new gold effect for a great classic in the history home furnishings. Classy environments, elegant settings are embellished with brighter and more natural golden reflections.

Vintage Coppered

Light reddish veins merge into a brown background to create a range of home accessories inspired by pure vintage. Ideal for classic environments that are sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Rustik Brass

An antiqued finish that enhances the rustic style of old farmhouses, renovated farmsteads. A tribute to the tradition and charm of the past, blending harmoniously into its surroundings.

Old Silver

Light, freshness and purity offered by a finish reminiscent of moonlight reflections dancing on ocean waves. Natural splendour for living environments with romantic tones and Mediterranean colours.

Bronzed Brass

Vibrant shades of hazelnut blend with a typically retro taste, creating a collection that with its modern reinterpretation, speaks of other times, other rooms and other dreams.

Oxid Brass

A shade of brown that is warm and intense like the leather of a classic Chesterfield. An elegant accessory for an exclusive home, creating a unique fusion of luxury and simplicity.

Antique Brass

A classic finish with warm and embracing tones, giving a nostalgic touch to traditional, country and shabby chic home environments. Refined taste for timeless atmospheres.

Black California

An incisive finish with a strong personality, its monochrome unique and glamorous. An antiqued finish that becomes modern through its ability to give any room balance and character.

PVD Ultrafinish


The ultra-resistance PVD-finish meets the harmony of the gilt nuances in a space-time boundless finish able to lend an attractive look and unique style to modern furnishing.

Satin PVD

The light satin effect gives the harmonious nuance of natural brass combined with PVD strengthens a pleasant material feel in an extremely current, elegant and refined finish, a union to last forever.

Stainless Steel PVD

Contemporary aesthetics and glossy effect for a finish reminiscent of shades and peculiarities of one of the most valuable and resistant kinds of steel; very timely for functional, essential or minimal chic areas.

Satin Black PVD

The sophisticated elegance of anthracite, reminiscent of modernity and technology, lends a distinctive look to any room and legitimizing a glamorous style of cultivated and contemporary processing.


Classic Finishes

Glossy Brass

All the charm of natural brass transpires in the most classic finishes giving the rooms a warm and enfolding atmosphere, creating a bridge between past and present by the power of design and durability


The modernity of the chrome effect meets the beauty of a mirror shade that gives the furnishings a cool tone and bright aspect, ideal for everyday living spaces.


Chrome Satin

The glossiness of chrome combines the intangible silk effect in a finish of contemporary feature and undying shade elegance of brushed grey


Nickel Satin

A slight nuance of blue tones adds an elegant touch of beauty to the silky effect of a very actual finish, with great appeal and versatility for varied environments.

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