Lory – DK

Lory is a dialectical pause between aesthetic and rationality, a comma that is delicate and solid at the same time. It’s a sigh of a woman in love, it’s a beat of a wing on ocean, it’s the spring wind blow.

Finishes Available
Antique Brass ANTIGERM®
Bright Chrome Plated Brass
Matt Scratched Bronzed Brass ANTIGERM®
Old Silver Brass ANTIGERM®

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Lever Handle for windows Lory – DK Art.127 on rose 015 mm 65×31 with metal mechanism. The Lever Lory – DK is also available with button or safety cylinder burglary.




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Finishes Available

Antique Brass ANTIGERM®, Bright Chrome Plated Brass, Matt Scratched Bronzed Brass ANTIGERM®, Old Silver Brass ANTIGERM®

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